Multiverse AI/ML Bias Roundtable 7th July ’21

As we are all aware bias in AI/ML has been creating headlines in recent times – and the debate is far from over.

Joy Buolamwini, through her Coded Bias Netflix documentary, raised our collective consciousness and sensitivity around this issue. At the heart of any AI bias is the culture of our organisations and individuals, but it also raises questions about bias in society as well. We are far from resolving the many complex interrelated issues, however all of us need to be aware of the implications of letting the machines determine outcomes for people and organisations and hence the impact on wider society.

I’d like to invite you to join me at a Multiverse round table discussion on the challenges of AI’s unintentional discrimination of underrepresented groups and its impact on products, services and hiring on 7 July, 2PM-3PM (BST).

We’ll explore:

  • Ensuring that your core values are embedded in the decisions made by AI – and humans
  • Bringing in talent from underrepresented backgrounds, and building the algorithms that reflect the diversity of your customer base
  • Driving actions— internally and externally— around inclusion, empowerment and equality

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