Shapecast and The Data Gym partner to drive clients’ successful strategic data transformations

We are proud and extremely pleased to announce our partnership with Shapecast, the leading provider of data-driven strategy execution and digital transformation technology solutions.

This partnership will boost our complementary consulting strengths to deliver more comprehensive and coherent options and solutions for our Clients.

For over a decade we have worked with Shapecast and its founder Will Barnett on various initiatives and our core values and shared vision for effective transformations makes this partnership an obvious and perfect match. Together we will be able to offer extra dimensions to how we can assist our Clients based upon our combined experience and expertise. Thus we will be able to provide our Clients with a competitive edge by enabling new efficiencies, capabilities and strategic directions.

Shapecast has also developed StrategyWorks, a powerful cloud-based and data-driven strategy management platform that enables organisations to link their objectives to their entire delivery activities in real time. This is a perfect fit with The Data Gym’s data strategy execution capabilities that can deliver real data derived benefits fulfilling strategic business goals.

Through this partnership between our organisations, we can drive some of the most challenging and complex areas for businesses and use data and insight to add richness and value to our clients.

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