Take The Gym’s Data Fitness Challenge

We are all being constantly bombarded by pundits asserting we need to be “Data Literate”, “Data-Centric”, “Data-Driven”, and have a positive “Data Culture”…

But how do we know what any of this means, and how we measure up on these vague criteria?

The Data Gym have partnered with datazuum to consider what factors make a person, a team, or even an organisation, well prepared to maximise the Business benefit it derives from its data now, or deliver successful Data Transformations to improve this. We took these factors and condensed them into simple Data Maturity Assessment tools.

These assessment tools allow you to create a mirror, revealing where you are now, and where you might need to focus to improve your data fitness for your future.

Example Data Maturity Assessment Output

Why not get in touch with us for a ‘no commitment’ chat about what you are currently looking to achieve, and we can arrange for you to take the assessment. We can then hold a session for our analysis and feedback, or you can simply review the outcomes yourself.

Of course, we would be most happy to support you with any required improvements you identify, through our range of consultancy, skills transfer or adoption of our reusable patterns!

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