BiZZdesign Creates Partnership With The Data Gym

The Data Gym is extremely excited and proud to announce its partnership with BiZZdesign!

For organisations to transform from being Data Encumbered to Data Enabled requires them to firstly have a firm grasp on their Enterprise definitions. Arguably the BiZZdesign platform provides the strongest offering in the marketplace for them to do just that. Certainly, Gartner has repeatedly ranked the platform as a leading capability in its field. In addition, it is also the Enterprise platform of choice for many organisations including the BIAN initiative.

We believe that the BiZZdesign platform provides a capability that naturally complements and enhances our own services and can deliver real immediate benefit for our clients. We also use it as our own core metadata repository.

As a BiZZdesign partner we can help you adopt and adapt the platform to help drive your data enablement journey and integrate your vision with your data strategy, data governance, data management and data delivery.

Particular thanks go to Mike Barron for helping create this positive new era for both BiZZdesign and the Data Gym.

For more information on how we can help you as BiZZdesign partners please get in touch with us.

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