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Unleash Business Value From Data Transformations, At Scale, At Pace

How do we deliver the promise of Data Transformations? As we all know, organisations are undergoing constant change to their Data and System Landscapes. In order to obtain funding for larger Data Transformations, the promised benefits are typically impressive and ultimately, may well be under-delivered. Their success depends on many factors. Key to these is […]

Take The Data Fitness Challenge

We are all being constantly bombarded by pundits asserting we need to be “Data Literate”, “Data-Centric”, “Data-Driven”, and have a positive “Data Culture”… But how do we know what any of this means, and how do we measure up on these vague criteria? The Data Gym have partnered with datazuum to consider what factors make […]

Re-engineer your organisation’s DNA to boost its agility

Any organisation that wants to rapidly adapt to change with sure-footed agility needs to be able to rapidly adapt its DNA. But what on earth do we mean by an “organisation’s DNA”? So that we can answer this question, we need to view organisations through a zoomorphic lens. Organisations have complex internal systems that allow […]

Data Simplicity

In the future, the only organisations that will survive are those that can rapidly adapt to overcome challenges more frequent and profound than ever before. The current phenomenon of disruption threatens the survival of every organisation operating in every sector around the globe. Seemingly indomitable market leaders can fail overnight. Organisations can no longer simply […]

“Is the data model finished yet?”

Naturally, this title caught my attention. Intrigued, I read on. The article argued that with the advent of Big Data, we no longer need to waste effort putting together, possibly complex and time consuming data models. In this transformed data landscape, everything can be developed rapidly to meet a specific set of requirements. As soon […]