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Shapecast and Data Gym partnership to help drive our clients’ strategic data transformations

We are proud and extremely pleased to announce our partnership with Shapecast, the leading provider of data-driven strategy execution and digital transformation technology solutions. This partnership will boost our complementary consulting strengths to deliver more comprehensive and coherent options and solutions for our Clients. For over a decade we have worked with Shapecast and its […]

Multiverse Forms Partnership With The Data Gym

The Data Gym is very excited to announce our partnership with Multiverse! We have worked together for a while now and are well aligned in our passion to raise data awareness, skills and expertise in organisations. Our belief in diversity to inspire creativity and resilience is another area where we find our values strongly aligned […]

SwitchON Event – Thursday 16th September 2021

Dave Knifton has been invited to speak at switchON Exchange (The Enterprise Architecture Show) on 16th September, alongside 20+ other speakers. Thank you to Sofa Summits for inviting him back to another of their excellent virtual summits! Check out the agenda and other speakers here. The title of his session is “The Ghost In The Machine” and he […]

The Ghost In The Machine

I love this metaphor coined by Gilbert Ryle in the late 1940’s. Despite the way it sounds, this phrase owes nothing to the title of a long-forgotten horror tale. Ryle coined it to try to popularise the extensive debate within certain circles at that time, as to where exactly the essence of human consciousness resides. […]

BiZZdesign Creates Partnership With The Data Gym

The Data Gym is extremely excited and proud to announce its partnership with BiZZdesign! For organisations to transform from being Data Encumbered to Data Enabled requires them to firstly have a firm grasp on their Enterprise definitions. Arguably the BiZZdesign platform provides the strongest offering in the marketplace for them to do just that. Certainly, […]

Re-engineer your organisation’s DNA to boost its agility

Any organisation that wants to rapidly adapt to change with sure-footed agility needs to be able to rapidly adapt its DNA. But what on earth do we mean by an “organisation’s DNA”? So that we can answer this question, we need to view organisations through a zoomorphic lens. Organisations have complex internal systems that allow […]

Data Simplicity

In the future, the only organisations that will survive are those that can rapidly adapt to overcome challenges more frequent and profound than ever before. The current phenomenon of disruption threatens the survival of every organisation operating in every sector around the globe. Seemingly indomitable market leaders can fail overnight. Organisations can no longer simply […]

Multiverse AI/ML Bias Roundtable 7th July ’21

As we are all aware bias in AI/ML has been creating headlines in recent times – and the debate is far from over. Joy Buolamwini, through her Coded Bias Netflix documentary, raised our collective consciousness and sensitivity around this issue. At the heart of any AI bias is the culture of our organisations and individuals, […]

“Is the data model finished yet?”

Naturally, this title caught my attention. Intrigued, I read on. The article argued that with the advent of Big Data, we no longer need to waste effort putting together, often complex and time consuming data models. In this transformed data landscape, everything can be developed rapidly to meet a specific set of requirements. As soon […]