Data Gym And The Multiverse Community Partnership Programme

The inspiration behind the The Data Gym is to help people and organisations become better data practitioners.

This meshed well with the aims of Multiverse, which is why we were very excited to become their partners in 2021. It is also why we are proud and committed to help many others through the first rate Multiverse Community Partnerships programme!

Working with Ashley Petrons and the rest of the team at Multiverse, we provide guidance and share our experiences to help apprentices enrich their knowledge and fast track their skills acquisition. The programme also provides extensive events and access to content through which they can explore and expand their horizons and expertise.

This learning relationship is not a one-way street either; in return of our time to provide content, participate at events and deliver one to one mentoring, we also benefit by staying fresh through discovering the real day to day data challenges faced across multiple industries and segments. This helps us stay sensitive to the needs of our Clients and Prospects.

We’ve also gained so much by taking part in the mentoring programme and would recommend it to others to take part. It’s a wonderful way to give back, as well as build your own global professional network with other Multiverse Mentors.

If this is of interest, then head over here to take a closer look and apply online!

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